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Specialty Certification (I & II)

September 26-27, 2015
Taught by Zoilita Grant
200 Lincoln St., Longmont, CO 80501
Saturday 9-5:30 pm | Sunday 9-3:00 pm 
Cost: $325 • 2 Days, Professional Class • Class size limited to 12 students
Register by 9/1/15 with $100 deposit and save $50

Have you ever met someone and felt in instant connection? Or visited a city for the first time and felt completely at home? Have you ever thought, “This must be connected to a past life” This class has a great connection to Soul development and choices in the Interlife (time between lives) All the hypnotic skills that you need for the class are taught within the class. Students will learn to resolve core life issues using Past Life Regression Techniques. Past Lives can be a catalyst for understanding our current problems. You can use past life therapy to help with a variety of problems, including fear and phobias, relationship difficulties, health problems and blockages in such areas as abundance and creativity. Students will learn induction and Alchemical Hypnotherapy techniques, and how to process the experiences including resolution and integration at a soul level. Regardless of your personal faith or belief past life regression can work for you through gentle and relaxing hypnosis unlocking doors in your mind to understand how past lives(or the metaphor of them) can be influencing who you are now. Finding Gifts from the past, Contract work, and Redecision work are foundation pieces of this class. For the curious, the inquirer and the adventurous, this is an opportunity to journey to a past life in a safe, supportive setting. Students have ample practice time to really learn the techniques. Students will also learn how to run Discovering Past Lives groups. An excellent Manual and scripts are included. Great for personal Soul growth.


Inter Life Journeys 

October 3-4,2015
Taught by Zoilita Grant
200 Lincoln St., Longmont, CO 80501
Saturday 9-5:30 pm | Sunday 9-3:00 pm 
Cost: $325 • 2 Days, Professional Class • Class size limited to 12 students
Register by 9/15/15 with $100 deposit and save $50

Advanced Methods of Past Life Regression including: Clearing Karma, Accessing Creativity, Discovering life purpose, working with Soul Contracts You will learn and practice how to work with clients to access soul wisdom from the super consciousness state, where they may meet their soul circle, and understand why they chose their current life. Because the best way to learn is to experience the process yourself thus during this training you will have the opportunity to personally experience the journey, and discover why you face specific challenges – and what else still needs to be worked on in this lifetime. At the close of this class you will have a deeper commitment to live your ‘soul contract’ or ‘life purpose’.

• The 4 primary purposes of Interlife Journeys
• How to take your client to the appropriate hypnotic depth for super conscious work
• How to recognize when the spirit or the ego is speaking
• How to access the pre-conception contract which determines our life purpose in this incarnation.
• How to clear karmic debts and discover and resolve relationship contracts from past lives and the between lives state.
• Clear any patterns of ‘bad luck’ that afflict your life and arise from past-life misdeeds.
• How to reintegrate the wisdom gained into your current life.
• How to bring forward creative abilities, wisdom and understanding of the relationships in your current life
• Identifying Soul Mates, Life Partners



November 7-8, 2015
Taught by Timothy L. Trujillo
200 Lincoln St., Longmont, CO 80501
Cost: $325 • 2 Days, Professional Class • Class size limited to 12 students
Online Class $299 ACHE Members $249
Register by 10/1/15 with $100 deposit and save $50

Trauma, whether physical or psycho-emotional, is a common presentation in hypnosis interventions. Hypnosis has a rich tradition as an effective method for addressing the impact and supporting recovery from trauma. In today’s world, this is an ever-increasing need. Many clients seek help for specific trauma recovery, while a variety of behavioral, emotional, and physical conditions are rooted in unresolved traumatic experiences. Whether in real-time crisis or in post-event disorder, the power of hypnosis to help reduce pain and distress, reconcile despair, and stimulate healing is unparalleled.

Students will gain the following information:
The variations of trauma in physical and psycho-emotional injuries
The historical overview of hypnosis in the treatment of trauma
The Wound Healing cycle and its use as a recovery instrument

Students will receive the following tools:
How to work through referral as part of a medical care team
How to prevent or help manage pathological traumatic distress (PTSD)
How to recognize hypnoidal dynamics that indicate unresolved trauma
The use of suggestion and modeling in “Natural Hypnosis” states
Planning and mapping of recovery over time
The fostering of resilience as a long term recovery tool

Students will learn these techniques:
Testing tools that help target client-specific education, induction, and treatment
Rapid induction and resolution techniques for both clinical and varied settings
Pain and symptom reduction techniques that are easily adapted for self-care
Evidence-based hypnosis processes from direct suggestion to metaphors
Transpersonal methods to bring healing from beyond the self
Analytical methods for internal conflict resolution and transformation
Working with the bio-energetic of trauma and recovery
Hands on methods with acupoint indications

Live case presentations
How to perform “The Five Minute Miracle Treatment”

Timothy L. Trujillo is a Natural Healthcare Provider, Educator, and Author. Incorporating Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Reflexology, and Aromatherapy, he is an expert in pain relief, trauma recovery, and immune disorder management. He is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the use of hypnosis in the management of HIV/AIDS. He is a graduate and former instructor at Gil Boyne’s Hypnotism Training Institute of Los Angeles. As founder of First Medicines, he has helped to deliver this system of care to HIV/AIDS-impacted populations in Los Angeles since 1996 and has led outreach projects in Guatemala, India, New Orleans, Egypt, and Oklahoma, reaching beyond HIV care to address traumatic distress in survivors of tsunami, hurricane, tornado, and civil war. He chronicled this work in the book Tsunami Effect. In 2003 he was awarded the MEDAILLE D’EXCELLENCE by the International Human Rights Consortium for bringing his “Spirit of Creativity” to the promotion of global health and peace.




December 5-6, 2015 | Bring a sack lunch
Saturday 9-5:30 pm | Sunday 9-3:00 pm 
Taught by Zoilita Grant
200 Lincoln St., Longmont, CO 80501
Cost: $325 • 2 Days, Professional Class • Class size limited to 12 students
Register by 8/1/15 with $100 deposit and save $50
at or 303-834-5040

Anchoring is the act of tying a new response (desired state) to familiar stimulus (trigger), e.g., Pavlov’s conditioned reflex response. Anchoring may be done with words, touch, or images. Students learn how to effectively identify triggers and to anchor suggestions that create lasting change. Writing your own scripts is a skill that will help to build a practice that sustains itself.



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